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When Graham and his partner met Minnie, a senior kitty full of personality, at the BC SPCA Kelowna Community Animal Centre in September 2019, they couldn’t deny the pull they felt towards her.

Usually, on first impressions it can be affection or soulful eyes that lure us in. However, Minnie wasted no time in claiming her guardian-to-be with her own nails.

We’re happy she did because now, a year and a half later, Graham has written to us with an update on how happy Minnie is in her retirement home:

My partner and I moved to Kelowna back in August 2019. We fell in love with this city.

One day we were aimlessly driving around, admiring the beautiful sights, when we came across the BC SPCA Kelowna Community Animal Centre. We joked about how fun it would be to adopt a cat.

We went in just to look and the first cat we met was Minnie. She was in a room all by herself and she looked a little mad. I tried to pet her and she scratched me.

We walked into the other rooms to see the other cats but Minnie had left her mark on me. So, we went back to Minnie’s room. This time, she brushed against my leg. That was it.

We decided to adopt her—her adoption fee was only $40! Best investment ever—and went to the pet store to get everything we needed to bring her home.

Since then, Minnie has completely filled our home with love. We have even gone on some road trips together. She is cuddly, cute and I love her even when she shows her attitude.

In this pandemic, Minnie has been a godsend. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Thank you, Graham, for choosing to adopt Minnie after she undoubtedly had chosen you. We are so grateful this beautiful girl found such a loving home to live out her golden years. We wish you many more happy memories to be made, and may your years ahead be filled with love, snuggles and a whole lot of purrsonality.

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