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Any cat would have to be savvy, lucky and maybe a little bit tough to live to the age of two as a stray. And as an intact male, Leo here also would have also contributed to the province’s cat overpopulation problem.

When Leo came into the BC SPCA Vernon Community Animal Centre on September 11, 2021, it was by way of a generous, compassionate stranger. He was a healthy young man, but he needed a checkup, vaccinations and a neuter before he could be placed for adoption.

Initially quite fearful in his new surroundings, Leo also needed to learn to trust humans. In his weeks at the shelter, staff and volunteers worked with him to warm him up significantly to being around people, but this process was going to need to continue with just the right match. He would be fearful in any new environment until he learned to trust he was safe.

It took a little time, but Leo’s forever family turned up to take him home on October 28. His life continues to improve, as you’ll read here:

“Leo was brought in as a stray, and the ladies at the shelter warned me repeatedly he may never be the friendliest cat, even after becoming better socialized.

First encounter with Leo at the shelter he hissed at me and my husband, looked completely unsure of anything and just wasn’t a very happy looking kitty.

After only a week of having him, I have him literally eating out of the palm of my hand, rolling around for pets and almost comfortable enough to come out of hiding!

Overall he is a huge love bug and has made life so much better again! Thank you, Leo!”

We thank you for adopting Leo and understanding that the process of becoming a trusting indoor cat wouldn’t happen overnight. Your patience seems to be paying off!

We hope you enjoy many more years together as you all continue to grow more and more in love with each other.

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