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Freddie Mercury

Sometimes, it’s all in a name.

Mary Anne and her husband Frank were having a rough time when they lost their elderly canine companion.

With the loss of their beloved dog, Mary Anne couldn’t help but also reminisce about their previous feline family members and the joy they all brought into their lives.

Come March 2019, Mary Anne was unsure if they had it in them to open their hearts again. But, she found herself making a connection with a handsome and regal cat who shared the same name as her two former cats—Freddie Mercury.

A few months later, we have an update from Mary Anne and Frank on their new Freddie Mercury:

We had just lost our 16-year-old dog. My husband was beside himself with grief and I was opposed to getting another dog.

It wasn’t long before my friend saw a picture of Freddie Mercury available for adoption at the BC SPCA Kamloops & District Branch. She suggested that I go to check him out—his name was the same as our previous two cats that we had also lost due to old age.

So, I went to meet the new Freddie Mercury. And I brought him home that very day.

My husband and I wanted to tell you how wonderful he is. Freddie Mercury fits into our lives perfectly. He loves to greet us when we come home from work. He sleeps with us and he is also our alarm clock.

Freddie Mercury loves our grand kids and even tolerates our grand puppy! In the last few days we have also discovered that he is quite the hunter.

I hope the BC SPCA staff who found him sees our story as I want them to know that Freddie Mercury is very much loved.

Thank you, Mary Anne and Frank, for adopting Freddie Mercury into your lives and for opening your home once again to a feline in need. It is evident that he is truly happy in his forever home and we wish you many years of happiness together. We are so pleased that Freddie Mercury found somebody to love.

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