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What happens to my pet when I pass away?

Pet Survivor Care Program

Have you ever worried about your pet’s future if you were to become sick or die, and not have a family member or friend to care for your pet? The Pet Survivor Care Program gives you peace of mind that your beloved pet(s) will be looked after when you can no longer do so.

By enrolling your pet in the program, the BC SPCA will care for and shelter your pet and find them a new loving, forever home, and you can be reassured that your pet’s future is safe and secure.

Request more information by calling Julia Arkos at  1.800.665.1868 or use the form below.

More information on leaving a gift in your will.

Dog waits for their owner to come home

Pet Survivor Care Program Information Request

If you worry about your pet’s future in case you become sick or die, and you have no willing or able family or friends to care for your pet, the Pet Survivor Care Program will give you peace of mind knowing that the BC SPCA can help take shelter of your pet and find them a new loving, forever home. Fill out the following information to find out more about this program.