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I often write to you to share stories that help you see the pain, sadness and need that we see every day. Today, I don't have to tell you that story.

It's easy for you to see for yourself that your donation today will make a world of difference for an animal like Michael.

This picture of Michael, taken the day he came into our care, really tells you what you need to know about him. You can see his story in his eyes. What this picture may not tell you is that he was emaciated (with a body score of 3 out of 9), riddled with ear mites, had broken teeth, lesions, a severe upper respiratory infection, eye infections and battle wounds all over his body from trying to survive out in the world alone.

Despite this extensive list of reasons why Michael might be angry, hurt, pained, and ready to lash out - he is instead sweetness embodied. He is a super loving and outgoing guy always ready for cuddles and a chat.

Michael in recovery

A Good Samaritan trapped Michael by mistake when they were trying to trap their own cat who had escaped. They brought him to a vet who quickly contacted us. It was an easy decision to take this sweet boy on and ensure he got the medical attention and care he so desperately needed.

We've had difficult months behind us and if we learned anything from 2020 it is that kindness can bring us through it all. Kindness to each other and kindness to innocent animals that have been there for us no matter what.

Please start this year with love for animals by making a gift today.

Thank you so much!

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