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Save an animal this holiday season

With your loving heart these 44 dogs and cats will be saved, as well as so many more.

The stench of dog feces could be smelt from outside the door of the house where these animals were hoarded. Inside the ammonia levels were so dangerously high that Animal Protection Officers had to wear respirators to enter the building. Every inch of the floor was covered in layers of animal waste, compacted by the many paws moving around the small home. It must have been unbearable to live trapped inside as even with respirators rescuers found it hard to stomach the horrible smell.

Unfortunately, this group of animals - including 5 cats, 37 small dogs and puppies, and 2 large breed dogs - was being hoarded by an individual. Despite their love for animals, they were sadly no longer able to take care for their pets or their home. Complicating matters further, the home was located on an island, accessible only by private boat.

Hoarding cases are devastating for both the animals and people involved. I just have to be thankful that these animals were rescued before their conditions deteriorated any further. The conditions were unsafe for any living being: animals living in their own filth, in an overcrowded space with no food or water available. It was a nightmare of suffering.

Your loving heart has the power to save these neglected animals. You ensure that someone will be there when an animal is in need, even in remote locations like this one.

As the Animal Protection team navigated the filthy stairs and second floor, they heard the skitter of nails as dogs fearfully hid in crates, too nervous to greet their rescuers. Getting down on hands and knees in the filth, they gently coaxed them out of their hiding spots before loading them into clean carriers ready to be moved off the small island.

This was a complex rescue involving multiple boat trips to transport these desperate souls to safety. With so many animals to move, Animal Protection Officers from across the province came to help. It has been a big operation involving many BC SPCA animal centres and their staff.

YOU, and your loving heart, play a part in what happens next.

Each of the dogs, cats and puppies has been lovingly bathed to remove the urine and feces soaked into their fur. Some need more extensive grooming than others to make them comfortable. As medical exams begin, a number have been found to be very frail and emaciated beneath their dirty coats and many are suffering from pain when they eat due to dental disease. As examinations continue under vet care, we expect to find other health concerns which will need addressing.

This is just the start, but with your love the end of this story will be a happy one.

The two litters of puppies - ranging from three to six weeks old - are now in a safe environment where their moms can focus on ensuring they are healthy and strong. Hopefully, having only been in this environment a short time, the young pups will quickly recover from the trauma. We hope to see them become less guarded, with their unique personalities able to shine through.

With your compassion, these dogs, cats and puppies can begin to dream of a brighter future - one where they never have to wonder when their next meal is coming or if they’ll have a clean place to sleep.

Your love will ensure these animals know the comfort of a safe home these holidays. Every loving act creates a ripple, touching the lives of more animals than you can imagine.

*in the extraordinary situation where funds raised go above and beyond the needs of these animals, gifts will help the next animal in distress

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