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Heidi's miraculous recovery

Heidi's injuries are devastating. The young German Shepherd fell out the back of a moving truck she was tethered to, and was dragged behind it for over 100 metres.

Her paws and lower legs were worn down to the bone. This is a shocking story and there are graphic images below.

Heidi's physical pain was one thing, she was definitely in shock... but it's the emotional pain that is hard to comprehend. To go through a prolonged and agonizing experience like this, it has changed her forever.

"One of the toughest days of my life" was how the Animal Protection Officer who attended Heidi's call described it. Even with years of experience, seeing animals suffer never gets easier. Heidi was in critical distress and she was rushed in to the vet for emergency surgery.

GRAPHIC IMAGES - please scroll past if needed.

Over her many weeks of round-the-clock care and daily bandage changes, Heidi has continued to be a patient and affectionate dog to everyone on her care team.

It's a strong reminder that while transporting an unsecured pet in the back of a pick-up is illegal, even tethered transport poses serious risks. Thankfully Heidi's rescuer witnessed what happened and knew who to call for help. Her life was saved by someone in her community looking out for an animal who was in severe danger.

Here is the hopeful part! This is an important reminder that an animal in distress can rely on the love and kindness of someone like you. Whether you're reporting something you see to the BC SPCA Animal Helpline, donating to cover medical costs, or advocating for the rights of animals; we each play an important role. Heidi has you, which gives her hope.

An update on Heidi's miraculous recovery

Heidi is still recovering under vet care, but making incredible progress! She's been having laser therapy to support the regeneration of her cells, which helps the wounds to heal on her severely injured legs and paws. It's also helping to repair her nerves after damage and should reduce scarring. Plus Heidi gets to wear these adorable 'dog'gles for her treatments!

She's now waiting for surgery to close the large wound under her belly, address a hernia and spay her. Then sweet Heidi will find a foster-to-adopt home where she can recover, begin starting her new life and working through her emotional pain. Heidi is a beautiful dog with lots of love to give.

In the meantime, she's been getting some respite chasing her ball and enjoying lots of treats!

Your generosity will help ensure many more animals can avoid the harm Heidi suffered. You have the power to change the future for other animals like Heidi. Please consider making a gift today if you are able.

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