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Yes, I will get animals home for the holidays!

When Forest arrived with his mum and litter mates, he was the tiniest of the bunch. He was the last to be scooped out of the carrier, as he just sat there while his siblings stumbled around (as tiny kittens do). It only took a moment to realize there was something very wrong with his leg.

Forest being weighed

The leg was limp and little Forest was just dragging it around the best he could. We took him to the vet to assess the situation and Forest was so small they had to use the X-ray machine they usually use for teeth/mouths. There it was - a break in the leg! Who knows how it could have happened?

Forest crawling in his blanket

Forest isn't even old enough to leave his mum, let alone get surgery! All one can do is make him as comfortable as possible and watch him closely. It's a good thing he was being monitored. Turns out the break compromised the blood supply to his foot, causing it to become necrotic. Forest's little foot is literally falling off piece by piece.

Forest Foot falling off

We desperately wanted his leg to heal with time, but with each passing day, we are just grateful he is surviving and growing stronger, so he can withstand the surgery to amputate.

Little bitty Forest pushes through each day, offering sweet mews and tiny cuddles in the palms of your hands.

Thank you for giving Forest a reason to hope. Your gift to him today will make sure he gets everything he will need to have a happy life, and anything on top of that will start a chain of kindness from animal to animal.

We hope you're safe and warm and that you have a very happy new year!

Thank you for helping animals!

Home for the Holidays

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