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Emergency Alert

An island 'breeder' has surrendered 17 adults and 4 puppies into BC SPCA care following an animal cruelty investigation. These sweet and innocent dogs were housed in unacceptable living conditions and have some very serious medical issues.

The dogs have a range of issues. All have skin problems, some came in with lice and others are dealing with severe un-managed food allergies. Their pain and discomfort is heartbreaking.

Some dogs need costly palate surgery, nasal surgery, and dental work: eating and breathing is a constant challenge. Several have cherry eye (infection of tear ducts) as well as infected ears. One may need a tail amputation. Surgery costs alone are expected to be over $13,000.

You can help them!

Your gift will:

- Give these dogs the essential surgeries and medical care they have long been in need of.

- Lift these 21 suffering dogs up to a life of happiness – You'll be showering them with the loving kindness that has been absent in their lives - until now.

- Continue to push the provincial government to move forward with the long promised breeder regulations to prevent irresponsible breeders from inflicting suffering like this in the future.

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