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Sixteen neglected Pomeranian and Yorkshire terrier-cross puppies and one three-month-old Labrador retriever are in the care of the BC SPCA this week after SPCA constables executed a warrant on a property near Kamloops, B.C..

The puppies, all under a year old, were seized due to unsanitary living conditions, overcrowding and lack of ventilation.

LSAI pomeranian puppy being held by staff3

“We have dealt with this individual in the past and she was convicted of animal cruelty in 2005, following a BC SPCA investigation where numerous dogs were seized. The judge handed down a sentence that included a ban on keeping animals, but unfortunately the ban had expired,” says Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer for the BC SPCA. “We learned of her most recent location and activity through a complaint to our animal cruelty hotline - it appears she has been breeding puppies again and selling them for up to $2000.” Moriarty says it is completely unacceptable to profit off the suffering of vulnerable animals and that the BC SPCA will be recommending charges in the case.

LSAI yorki puppy being held by staff

We’re very concerned to see exploitive puppy mills spring up with the massive spike in demand for puppies during Covid-19.

I know that these cases make you as angry as they make me, but there is something we can do. Your kind gift today ensures that Animal Protection Officers can rescue exploited animals, investigate and gather evidence.

Tiny pups like these are only lifted out of dangerous situations because compassionate animal-lovers like you act. All animal cruelty investigations in B.C. are 100% donor funded.

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