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In the mail

He might not have lasted another hour, his mouth bone dry in the intense heat. Thankfully, friends like you were there!

It was late afternoon on one of those scorching hot summer days when a truck driver saw something out of the corner of his eye on a remote, dusty logging road.

The driver could have ignored it, but thankfully he went out of his way to stop and check it out. Imagine his shock and distress when he realized there were two tiny kittens abandoned in the road.

Sadly, it was too late for one of the kittens. The other might not have survived another hour. His tiny lungs were barely taking in air, his little gasping mouth was bone dry in the intense heat. The kind logger, in a hurry to get the wee dehydrated kitten help, gently nestled him in the safest spot he could find… his hardhat!

This kitten was lucky. First, the kind logger scooped him off the roasting road just in time. Then, there were kind animal-lovers like you who generously gave to the BC SPCA! Together, we saved Svante’s life.

Svante got the emergency medical treatment he needed to survive. Today he’s a healthy and happy cat, living in a loving home.

But what would have happened if a kind stranger — and friends like you — hadn’t taken compassionate action to be there for him? What about the many other animals who will suffer in the heat this summer — whether locked in hot cars, trapped by forest fires, or abandoned without shelter, food or water?

Will you be there for them too?

Make your gift today to help rescue animals suffering in the heat this summer.