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In the mail

A vet looks at an xray.

Why were so many dogs from one home getting sick or injured, or dying? You helped solve the mystery!

A man arrived at a veterinary clinic in Pitt Meadows with Bosco, a seven-month-old Pekingese dog. The puppy had a broken hip and two broken hind legs. His injuries were so bad, the veterinarian agreed to euthanize the poor dog to put him out of his suffering.

Suspicious of Bosco’s injuries, the vet quickly contacted the BC SPCA.

Support from kindhearted friends like you helped our Special Constables launch an immediate animal cruelty investigation.

The investigation turned up gut-wrenching evidence of serial animal abuse. This man had punched, drugged, choked and neglected not just Bosco, but 10 other Pekingese dogs.

Thanks to our generous donors, the man was found guilty of animal abuse. He was  banned from owning or being alone with any animal — ever again!

Support for BC SPCA cruelty investigations comes entirely from private donors. That means abused and neglected animal are depending on you to continue this life-saving work.

Please make your gift today to help rescue other animals from cruelty and abuse.