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Thank you for improving fish welfare

Did you know that fish are sentient, meaning they can experience pain, fear, and distress? Therefore, The BC SPCA supports legislation, regulation, policies that protect fish welfare. Fish are the most heavily used vertebrate animal on Earth. An estimated 47 billion fish are caught recreationally every year, with a further 157 billion caught commercially.

The first Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Finfish is under development by the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC). These codes serve as law in some provinces, and set the standard for minimum acceptable care of farm animals across Canada. NFACC asked for your opinion on what should be included in the Code. Many supporters submitted comments, and the BC SPCA submitted science-based recommendations.

The BC SPCA will continue to be involved in developing this code. We worked with Humane Canada, Canada’s federation of SPCAs and humane societies, and World Animal Protection to nominate an expert to represent fish welfare during code development.

The code will be released for a public comment period before it is finalized. Sign up for action alerts so you are the first to hear about your next opportunity to improve the lives of fish on Canadian farms.

Read more about the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Finfish and the Code of Practice process.

Brook trout fish in stream

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