Thank you for taking action for animals!
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Thank you for taking action for animals!

Thank you for helping make our communities safer, more caring places for animals and people! We’ll share your priorities with your local government representatives after the election and encourage them to adopt enhanced bylaws and policies in your community.

You can also make a difference during the upcoming local government elections. When you’re talking to local candidates, ask about their position on animal welfare and let them know it will influence how you vote on October 15.

To help get the conversation started, we’ve emailed you a few questions that you could ask your candidates. We’d love to hear how those discussions went – please email us back to let us know who you talked to and whether they made a commitment to improve animal welfare in your community.

To find progressive animal-related bylaws already adopted by municipalities, regional districts and First Nations across British Columbia, check out the BC SPCA’s new bylaw search tool.

And don’t forget to share this survey and ask others in B.C. to take action for animals in the local government elections on October 15.