​Risks of buying animals from rescue, breeders and pet stores
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Things to know before buying a pet

Buying or adopting a pet into your family can come with risks

  • The pet could have unknown diseases or worm and parasite infestations
  • An unsocialized animal could be more likely to bite or scratch
  • Genetic health problems  might cost you time, money and heartache

Animals from the BC SPCA come with a free health check from a local veterinary clinic (where applicable), so you have all the crucial information you need before making a decision to adopt. Our cats and dogs are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and receive flea/tick protection, as well as six weeks of free insurance.

Wide eyed black and white cat wearing collar with id indoors on couch

Can’t find the animal you want from your local shelter?

Learn what questions to ask and what things to consider when buying an animal from the places below:

How you can help animals

  1. Adopt from the BC SPCA.
  2. Read our position statement on buying animals.
  3. Ask your municipality to adopt a bylaw that regulates the sale of animals from pet stores using BC SPCA’s Model Animal Responsibility Bylaw.

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