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Support an end to the unethical practice of cat declawing

Cat using stretching post playing with a wand toyJoin the BC SPCA in calling on the College of Veterinarians of B.C. to enact a bylaw ban on feline declawing, a practice that causes unnecessary pain, suffering and behaviour issues for cats.

You may already know that declawing a cat removes the bones of the cat’s toes, and is comparable to amputating all of a human’s fingers at the last knuckle. What you may not know is that recent studies demonstrate declawed cats may be more likely to bite, have back pain, and urinate and defecate outside the litterbox.

Concerned about what will happen to cats if this bylaw passes? Recent evidence suggests declawed cats are more likely than clawed cats to have behaviour and health problems that could result in being surrendered to a shelter.
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