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Your vote counts!

I Voted for Animals

At the end of the recent federal election, we asked you to tell us the top three animal welfare issues you want our Parliamentarians to prioritize for the next term of government.

You spoke, we listened. Now together we can tell our Members of Parliament what’s important to us for the next four years.

Here’s what you told us your priorities are:

  • Re-introduction and passage of Bill S-214 (ban on cosmetic testing on animals).
  • The creation of an all-party committee to review existing animal welfare legislation and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Funding provided to strengthen our legal system’s response to animal cruelty through training for enforcement officers, Crown Prosecutors and judges regarding animal cruelty crimes.

Now, to take it a step farther, why not send a letter with these priorities to your Member of Parliament?

We’ve set up a template to make it easy for you, below. Add your name, any additional animal welfare priorities that you are concerned about and once you enter the correct email address, it will go directly to your Member of Parliament’s email.