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Membership Registration

Become a member of the BC SPCA

  • Have a unique opportunity to help direct the mission, vision and activities of the society through the election of your Community Council.
  • Be eligible to hold office on your local Community Council or the Provincial Board of Directors.
  • Attend general meetings of the BC SPCA and vote at meetings of your local branch.
  • Foster communities where all animals are treated with respect, care, and compassion.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the BC SPCA. Please complete the form below to submit your application. If you prefer, you can also complete the printable membership application and deliver or mail it to your local branch.

Select Your Branch Location

Membership Type

Select Payment Type

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  • MasterCard

Membership Agreement

I agree to the following:

  • to uphold the aims and vision of the Society as outlined in the Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan of the BC SPCA
  • to uphold the Constitution of the Society and to comply with the BC SPCA Bylaws and Code of Ethics
  • to raise questions and concerns using the appropriate internal channels within the Society, including through local Branch Managers, Community Councils or the Board of Directors

I have not inflicted, nor will I inflict, cruelty onto an animal. I understand that as a Voting Member in good standing of the BC SPCA, I will be entitled to:

  • stand for election to hold office [Bylaw 2.4 a (i)]
  • attend, vote, and speak at general meetings of the Branch to which I am assigned [Bylaw 2.4 a (ii)]
  • attend general meetings of the Society and speak if permitted by members entitled to vote. [Bylaws 2.4 a (iii)–(iv)]

I acknowledge that my membership in the BC SPCA is limited to a one-year term (Lifetime Membership excepted), ending December 31st, renewable upon payment of the requisite dues and that acceptance as a new Member is subject to the review and decision of the branch Community Council.

As a member of the BC SPCA you will receive e-newsletters about our work provincially, including: Anim@ls, Action for Animals and Support. You can opt out of these emails at any time by choosing the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails, login to your Online Community Member Page and Edit email subscriptions, email, or call 604.681.7271 (toll free 1.800.665.1868) and our Generosity Services team will be happy to assist you.