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Name the Ice Road Kitten

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A semi truck driver was travelling an icy winter road in Northern B.C. earlier this month when he saw a dark spot in the road ahead. He watched in dismay as an oncoming vehicle drove right over it without slowing. They had not tried to avoid it and didn't stop to see what they had hit! Thankfully the kind-hearted truck driver came to a halt and went out into the cold to investigate. As he approached he was saddened to find the figure was that of a small cat. He was shocked to see that despite the direct hit, she was clinging to life although unable to move. It appeared that she had been wandering, succumbed to hypothermia and lay down to die in the middle of the road. When her rescuer tried to lift her he found her body had frozen to the road.
She obviously had a little kitty angel watching over her, as her injuries could have easily been fatal. She was run over by both the front and back wheels and the hypothermia alone was life-threatening. Thankfully the driver peeled her from the road and rushed her to the nearest vet clinic.
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