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With a new government comes a new chance to strengthen animal protection laws across the country. The Federal Election is on October 21st and we want to set an agenda on what to advocate for but we need your help. Advocating for change is not always an easy task, but the BC SPCA needs to know what issues are most important to you to make sure we ask for the most urgent changes before others.

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Please choose three issues of the twelve below to help set priorities and we will follow up with more information on what you can do before the election to find out where your candidates stand on animal issues. We understand that all of these recommendations are important and the BC SPCA will advocate for all of them with new and incumbent MPs. By telling us which priorities are most urgent we are able to advocate more efficiently with the government. You are likely well informed about animal issues in your community, but to learn more about the BC SPCA's current work regarding each of the below topics you can check out detailed information about Companion Animals, Wildlife & Exotics, and Farm Animals. Max 3 *