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Securities & stocks

Donations of publicly listed securities (i.e. shares, bonds or units of mutual fund trusts), transferred to the BC SPCA are fully exempt from capital gains tax.

To make a gift of securities, the easiest and most cost effective to do so, is transferring the gift directly to the BC SPCA.

You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full market value of the donated securities on the day that the shares are received.

With changes to the taxation of charitable gifts of securities, it is now even more tax-advantageous for you to make a gift of stock, while providing another way for you to save and protect animals in need.

Please download the Securities Gifting Form (PDF), and complete it with your broker or financial advisor.

If you have any questions about donating securities please contact Stephanie Trimble, Manager, Philanthropy at 604-647-6401 or email