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Position Statement on Wolf-Dog Hybrids

The BC SPCA is opposed to the keeping, breeding, and importing of wolf-dog hybrids, herein defined as any degree of cross between wolf and dog.

Interbreeding between a dog and a wolf negates 12,000 years of domestication, resulting in an animal that is difficult to train and to contain in a kennel or run, and that shows a high incidence of both predatory and idiopathic aggression towards other animals and humans.

Wolf-dog hybrids already kept as companion animals should be spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, contained within secure pens or runs, and kept muzzled when out of such containment. The keeping of wolf-dog hybrids is therefore discouraged as the conditions under which they may be safely kept compromise their welfare.

Approved by the Board of Directors – August 2009


Companion animals: Domesticated animals who have been selectively bred to live and thrive in mutually beneficial relationships with humans and who are kept primarily for the purpose of companionship.

Domesticated animals: Species that have been selectively bred by humans over hundreds or thousands of generations in order to alter their genetics to create animals who are dependent, docile, predictable and controllable, and who no longer occupy an ecological niche in the wild.