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Learn at Home

Welcome to BC SPCA Learn at Home!

Created for both fun and learning, our specially designed activities are sure to entertain the animal-loving kids in your house, while they explore interesting and important ideas about all things animals. Download our activities and their corresponding resource packages below!

We’ll be adding new activities weekly, so make sure to check back in and join our private Facebook group where we will post new activities, and where we can engage as a community of animal-loving parents and teachers. Plus, it’s an awesome place for your kids to share their work!

Most Recent Activities

Monday, May 11: Emergency Pet Plan Activity (ages 7-12)

When an emergency situation happens—like an earthquake or wildfire—being prepared ahead of time will help you get out of your home quickly if you have to, with all the important items you need. Learn how to make a plan and an emergency kit for your pets.

Emergency Pet Plan (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Saturday, May 9: Get crafty! Make Treat Puzzles for Pets (all ages)

Give your pet challenges to keep their minds (and paws) busy. Use recycled materials from around your house to make these entertaining treat puzzles for your furry friends.

Treat Puzzles (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)

Cat & Dog Activities (5)

Clicker Training Challenge (all ages)

Rewards-based training is a positive way to teach your pet new tasks. Practise positive reinforcement training with the people in your household with this fun clicker training activity!

Clicker Training Challenge (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Bake Your Own Dog Biscuits (all ages)

Are you trying to teach your pet something new? These biscuits make the perfect treat to use as you work on positive reinforcement training with your pup.

Dog Biscuit Recipe (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Reading to Pets Log (ages 6+)

Reading to our pets is good for us and good for them! Grab a great book, find a comfortable spot for you and your pet, and keep track of your reading experiences together.

Reading to Pets Log (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Make a Snuffle Mat for Your Pet (ages 7+)

Animals need lots of opportunities to play and challenge their brains. Learn how to make this fun and challenging activity for your cat or dog in just a few easy steps.

Snuffle Mats (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Design a Mini Catio (ages 12+)

How do we let our feline friends be themselves while staying safe inside? Catios, of course! A catio is an enclosed outdoor patio designed to let cats express their natural behaviours.

Mini Catio Design Challenge (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)

Farm Animal Activities (2)

Get Creative: Pigs in a Pen (ages 6-9)

Consider what life is like for a pig living in a pen, and learn, through this hands-on acting challenge, what pigs need to be happy and healthy.

Pigs in a Pen (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Experiments: How Strong is an Egg? (ages 7-12)

Through fun experiments, find out how strong an egg actually is!

How Strong is an Egg? (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Wildlife & The Environment Activities (7)

Get Creative! Paint Bee Watering Station Rocks (all ages)

Spring is here, and with warm weather comes the return of the bees. Bees are so very important to humans. Without them as pollinators, many of our foods and flowers would not grow.

Creating bee watering stations is an easy and fun project for all ages that helps our bee friends by providing them with a safe place to land and get the water they need. The PDF below has the how-to’s.

Bee Watering Station Rocks (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Nature Scavenger Hunt (all ages)

Ecosystems are made up of all living and non-living things in a specific area. Discover the great outdoors, and explore the unique ecosystem in your own backyard!

Nature Scavenger Hunt (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Get Outside: Nester Helper (all ages)

Birds have to work hard to find the materials they need to make their nests. Lend a helping hand to the birds in your neighbourhood through this fun outdoor exploration.

Nest Helper (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Outdoor Activity: Sound Mapping Nature (ages 5-12)

Grab a pencil and paper, close your eyes and listen, and discover a world of sound.

Sound Mapping Nature (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Take a Nature Snapshot (ages 6+)

Beauty in nature is all around us, and this activity reminds us to stop, notice and appreciate it. Use your various senses to create a mental snapshot of the nature around you, and then create a beautiful piece of art to celebrate it!

Take a Nature Snapshot (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Backyard Biodiversity Challenge (ages 8-11)

Have you ever noticed just how many different plants, animals, insects and trees are living right in your own backyard? Explore and learn about the fascinating biodiversity that exists where you live.

Backyard Biodiversity (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Create an Animal Habitat (ages 8-11)

Choose an interesting habitat that you’d like to learn more about. Research the different plants, animals and other features that make up that environment. Then, using materials from your house, design and create your own version of the habitat!

Have to Have a Habitat (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Small Animals Activities (2)

Create an Adoption Poster (all ages)

The BC SPCA helps thousands of animals find their fur-ever homes each year, and you can help! Create an eye-catching adoption poster to help Harry the rabbit find his fur-ever home.

Help Harry Find a Home (PDF) with additional resources (PDF):


Storytime: The Forgotten Rabbit (ages 6-8)

Learn what pet rabbits need to have happy and healthy lives.

Storytime with the BC SPCA: The Forgotten Rabbit (video) and worksheet (PDF)


Take Action Activities (6)

Kind Acts Challenge (all ages)

Check out these ideas for different ways that you can help spread kindness to people, animals and the environment.

Kind Acts Count! (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Kind Acts Challenge – Part 2! (all ages)

Kindness Counts! Here are some all-new ideas for different ways that you can help spread kindness to people, animals and the environment. Fill out the paw print included with this activity to tell us how you are spreading kindness, or send us a photo of you doing your kind act!

Kind Acts Challenge 2 (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Get Creative: Neighbourhood Window Walk (all ages)

Create an animal-themed art gallery in your window for your neighbours to enjoy!

Neighbourhood Window Walk (PDF)


Get crafty for the planet! Make a T-shirt Tote Bag (all ages)

Turn an old favourite t-shirt into a handy reusable tote bag with this no-sew project. This helps keep clothes out of the landfill, and keeps plastic bags out   of the ecosystem!

T-shirt Tote Bag (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Animal Reflection Writing Prompts  (ages 7-11)

Designed for both teachers and parents to use with students who are learning at home, these Animal Reflection writing prompts are sure to get kids thinking and journalling about how animals may feel in different situations.

Animal Reflection Prompts (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)


Investigate: The Great Label Detective (ages 7-12)

Discover what kinds of labels are on the food and products in your home, and learn what these labels tell us about the lives of the animals who helped make them.

The Great Label Detective (PDF) with additional resources (PDF)

Just for Fun Activities (7)




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