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Animal-friendly eggs, dairy and meat products

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Looking for higher welfare meat, eggs and dairy products at your local grocer? This guide will help you decipher what food labels really mean.

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SPCA Certified is a third-party farm animal welfare certification program that does the certification and labelling work for you. The standards (i.e. program requirements) are developed by the BC SPCA in partnership with animal welfare scientists, veterinarians, industry leaders and farmers.

Farms that are SPCA Certified raise their farm animals to higher standards of care than generally accepted industry practices (PDF). SPCA Certified farmers do not use cages or crates, they give their animals more space to move and interact with each other, better pain management practices are in place, and enrichment in their environment allows each animal to express more of the positive behaviours that come naturally to them.

Every certified farm goes through a rigorous annual on-farm assessment and review process that ensures it is following the animal welfare standards. Further, each year, 10% of the farms in the program are also subject to a random audit (an unannounced visit).

When considering what to serve for your next family meal, look for the SPCA Certified “little red barn” label and support local farmers who are putting the well-being of farm animals first.

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