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AnimalKind Dog Training

AnimalKind is the BC SPCA’s referral program for humane dog trainers.


  • AnimalKind trainers use reward-based, positive reinforcement methods – never punishments like hitting, leash corrections, or shock, prong or choke collars.
  • Effective training with methods that follow science-based standards.
  • Peace of mind! Trainers are audited by the BC SPCA – we know they are committed to using only humane and effective training methods, and will never hurt your dog.
  • Find an AnimalKind accredited trainer near you.

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AnimalKind Resources

To develop the dog training standards , we received detailed feedback on the standards from international animal behaviour and dog training experts, held in-person consultations with 36 BC dog trainers, surveyed B.C. dog trainers about current practices, and received public feedback during a four-month comment period.

Read the scientific review of dog training methods that informed the standards, or watch the webinar explaining the science behind our dog training standards.