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Certification & Accreditation

The BC SPCA standards blend current research in animal welfare science with practical protocols, and have been developed in consultation with animal welfare scientists, veterinarians and industry groups.

SPCA Certified

Our SPCA Certified program offers certification for the farming industry and provides consumers with assurance that the food products they choose come from farms with high animal welfare standards in place.

We currently have standards for certification of beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, turkeys, broiler (meat) chickens and egg-laying chickens.

Learn more about SPCA Certified.


AnimalKind is the BC SPCA’s animal welfare accreditation program for pest control companies. When you choose an AnimalKind company, you can have confidence that your choice is animal friendly.

Accredited companies follow AnimalKind’s evidence-based standards for managing problems with rodents, birds and other wildlife.

Learn more about AnimalKind or find an AnimalKind company.