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Transform your diet

…pollutants that absorb sunlight and trap heat, causing the planet to warm. The consequences of global warming include severe drought, water shortages, wildfires, flooding, rising sea levels, and extreme storms.2…

BC SPCA calls for ban on dog debarking

…scarring, which can lead to noisy breathing, respiratory distress, exercise intolerance, heat intolerance and collapse Who else opposes devocalization? Other veterinary organizations, including the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and…

7 Easy ways you can protect wildlife

Wild hummingbird with pretty pink and green colours feeding from a pink flower

heat to escape in the summer and keep the young animals from getting too hot inside. Include a hinged or sliding roof to clean out the house each winter after…

BC SPCA’s Maple Ridge facility turns green into gold

heating costs, rooftop rainwater collection for recycling, a light reflective roof membrane, and heat recovery built into the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Dark light technology has even…

The business of cruelty – puppy mills

Langley 66 before and after photo of sheep dog

…and cats should not be bred at less than 18 months and should only be bred once in every two heat cycles. The maximum breeding age for female dogs ranges…

Blind as a bat? Top five bat myths busted!

…in their hair. “People give off heat and carbon dioxide, which attracts bugs,” explains Cant. “The bats are just attempting to eat these insects, so it only looks as though…