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7 Easy ways you can protect wildlife

Wild hummingbird with pretty pink and green colours feeding from a pink flower

heat to escape in the summer and keep the young animals from getting too hot inside. Include a hinged or sliding roof to clean out the house each winter after…

Tips for safe summer travelling with your pet

…seat using the car seatbelt. Extra Travel Resources: What types of identification does my pet need? Pet safety in vehicles Leaving dogs in cars: Avoid heat exhaustion Veterinary services  …

Jogging safely with your dog this summer

dog on a leash

…bulldogs, English bulldogs and shih tzus have difficulty getting enough air, especially in the heat, which can make running dangerous for them. These dogs are better off with a nice…

How to swim safely with your dog

Happy dog in swimming pool

…it’s enjoyable, and it’s a fantastic way to beat the heat. However, like most physical activities, there are a number of safety issues to keep in mind. Here are seven…

How wildfires affect wildlife

…smoke inhalation, oxygen deprivation, or serious injuries. Animals, including birds, might also suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration. What happens to wildlife after a wildfire? The biggest impact comes after…

Transform your diet

…pollutants that absorb sunlight and trap heat, causing the planet to warm. The consequences of global warming include severe drought, water shortages, wildfires, flooding, rising sea levels, and extreme storms.2…

Important update: BC SPCA calls for ban on dog debarking

…or gagging, aspiration pneumonia, and airway narrowing and scarring, which can lead to noisy breathing, respiratory distress, exercise intolerance, heat intolerance and collapse   Who else opposes devocalization? Other veterinary…