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Three simple ways to keep your Easter humane

March 2, 2018

Use cage-free eggs when making Easter eggs

Cage-free eggs may be brown, but you can still use them for making dyed Easter eggs. No need to buy white eggs just for this fun Easter project. Most colours show up beautifully in deep jewel tones on brown eggs. While yellow dye may not work as well, it can be combined with other colours – add blue to get great teals. Let the brown eggs sit a bit longer in the dyes to get rich colours.

Think ahead when planning meals

If you’re planning a big Easter brunch, think about the kind of eggs and dairy you plan to use. There are many recipes out there for tasty quiche your friends and family will love. Be sure to use cage free eggs and SPCA Certified or organic dairy products! Looking for a simple vegan option? There are many ideas online for using tofu as an egg replacement in quiche. Canadian blogger Oh She Glows is just one place you can find delicious vegan recipes for sundried tomato, spinach & mushroom quiche.

Choose chocolate bunnies when giving gifts

Bunnies are one of the first things we think of when it comes to Easter, but think carefully before adopting a rabbit into the family. It may seem fun at first, but like all pets, they need proper care and housing. Learn more about the issue behind giving live bunnies as Easter presents. If you’re not quite ready for a new pet – go for chocolate bunnies! Make both animals and people happy by choosing fair trade chocolate. Two great options to look for are Denman Island Chocolate and the Cocoa Camino brand. Their chocolate Easter bunnies can be found in many local retailers.