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Setting the bar higher: New SPCA Certified Standard for pigs published

June 12, 2014

Of all the major meat commodities, the pork industry has the most intensively raised production systems despite the high intelligence and social nature of pigs.

The BC SPCA operates the SPCA Certified program, which is an assurance to consumers that certified food products come from farms where higher standards of animal welfare are provided. Just this month, a revised SPCA Certified Standard for the Raising and Handling of Pigs was published.

“Consumers looking for a more humane food choice today can choose SPCA Certified pork,” says Brandy Street, SPCA Certified program supervisor. “By purchasing SPCA Certified foods, you know the product comes from farms where animals were raised to high animal welfare standards.”

Other important requirements found within the SPCA Certified pig standard include:

  • Mandatory pain control for pigs of any age when it is necessary to castrate or tail dock (effective immediately)
  • Increased space allowance for all pigs
  • Closer monitoring of animal health, including regular assessments of pig walking ability and body condition, and monitoring of abnormal behaviours
  • Use of medications ONLY for the treatment of individual sick pigs, and not to enhance growth or feed efficiency of all pigs
  • A ban on electric prod use for moving pigs
  • Use of natural lighting or full-spectrum (daylight simulating) lighting
  • Humane methods of controlling nuisance animals, such as rodents and predators

Get the full details on how SPCA Certified pigs are raised by downloading a copy of the SPCA Certified Standard for the Raising and Handling of Pigs online and learn how you can help the BC SPCA continue to improve the welfare of farm animals in Canada.