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New Cluck! video opens the barn doors

September 29, 2011

Have you ever stood and gazed at the selection of eggs at a grocery store and wondered what the differences are? Thanks to a new BC SPCA video, you might just find the choices much less overwhelming.

“We’re pleased to announce a new 30-minute video to accompany our classroom unit, Cluck! – The Life of an Egg-Laying Chicken,” says Paula Neuman, humane education manager for the BC SPCA. Internationally renowned poultry expert Ian Duncan, from the University of Guelph, narrates the basic physiological and social needs of hens, and how these needs are met in various housing systems including a conventional battery cage operation and a state-of-the-art SPCA Certified free-range system. “We take people through the entire egg laying process, showing how biological needs such as dust-bathing, perching, nest building and foraging are met in modern housing systems – or not met,” says Neuman.

“Though the classroom unit has been written for a younger, school-aged audience, the video is informative for people of all ages wanting to know more about how hens are raised,” says Neuman. “Because of biosecurity issues, people can’t just walk onto a farm to see how farm animals are raised. Cluck! is the next best thing,” adds Craig Naherniak, BC SPCA general manager, humane education.

The Cluck! video and the video and unit package for educators will be available for purchase mid-October. To request an update when the DVD is released or to learn more contact us.

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