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Decor ideas for your catio that your cat will love

March 28, 2024

Catios, or cat patios, are cat enclosures that provide enrichment, fresh air, and the stimulation of nature as well as ensures safety for your cat from the outdoors while protecting wildlife too.

No matter where you live, whether you have a backyard or a balcony, a catio is the purrfect hangout spot for you and your cat during the warmer weather.

After you’ve constructed your catio, now comes the fun part — the decorating. You should decorate the interior of the catio with stimulating and entertaining accents and activities that your feline friend will enjoy.

Here are some purrfect decor ideas for your catio that your cat will love.

Multiple perches and platforms

Cats love to climb and enjoy high-reaching places to rest and play. Be sure to install various perches and platforms at varying degrees of heights inside of your catio. Anything with a birds-eye view will be sure to satisfy your cat for many hours to come. You might also want to include cat ladders too for older cats or those with mobility issues.

orange cat in catio

Lots of toys

If you want your cat to fall in love with their new catio, don’t forget to include toys! From fake mice to balls to feather wands, cats really enjoy playing. Make sure to keep a few of your cat’s favourite toys inside the catio to keep him or her entertained. You might even want to consider hanging a few toys by a string along some of the perches — it’ll satisfy your cat’s curiosity while also looking quite chic.

Scratching posts are another great idea to include, too. You might even want to get creative and build an indoor playground inside your catio. Let your imagination run wild!

Cat playing with toy on perch

Cat-friendly plants

To spruce things up a bit, you might consider including a few cat-friendly plants to add some greenery inside of your catio. Some cats like chewing on plants, which is why it’s important to include only non-toxic plants in your catio. Consider buying some kitty grass or some cat-friendly decorative plants like a Spider Plant, Boston Fern, or an Areca Palm. Refer to our guide on toxic plants.

Blue eyed kitten sitting near plant by windowsill

Cat beds

Definitely include cat beds for those legendary cat naps. Make it fun by including hammocks or hanging baskets for your cat to catch some zzz’s. Colourful blankets and tiny pillows will make it feel even more cozy and stylish for your feline.

catio cats

Add a splash of colour

Don’t be afraid to add some colour to your catio. Paint it inside and outside with a bright and stylish palette to make it really pop. Make sure the paint is non-toxic and water-based to keep it safe for your kitty.

Don’t forget the outside

Consider placing bird-friendly plants or a bird bath in viewing distance of your catio for your cat’s enjoyment. Make sure to keep bird-friendly features a safe distance away – even a small scratch from a cat can kill a bird. You might also want to string outdoor lights along the catio to create a soft nightly ambiance (just make sure all wires are a safe distance from your cat). Add some cat-friendly outdoor plants and flower gardens along the outside too.

external catio

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