BC SPCA announces winners of 2022 Wildlife-in-Focus Photography Contest
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BC SPCA announces winners of 2022 Wildlife-in-Focus Photography Contest

August 31, 2022

Amateur wildlife photographers in B.C. have once again made it tough for the judges of the BC SPCA’s 14th annual Wildlife-in-Focus photography contest to pick the top three winners! In addition to the top picks, there were also a number of incredible photos that received honourable mentions, plus the People’s Choice Award.

Participants competed in two categories: Backyard Habitats highlighting our special relationship with wild animals in our backyards and Wild Settings featuring photos of animals in their natural habitats.

“With more than 800 photos submitted, it was a challenge for the contest judges to choose only a few of the many amazing photos celebrating B.C.’s diverse wildlife,” says Erin Ryan of the BC SPCA. “We want to thank all the participants for sharing their amazing photos and helping to raise $23,924.00 to help the BC SPCA’s Wild ARC care for injured and orphaned wildlife.”

The winners are:

Backyard Habitats

1st – Claire Heath (Richmond) – Chickadee, “Pink perch”

Black-capped chickadee perched on branch of a cherry blossom tree

2nd – Meghann Fletcher (Penticton) – Mallard, “Little duckling goes exploring”

Mallard duckling standing on a wet leaves on pond

3rd – Sam Gorick (Mill Bay) – Raccoons, “Family photo…right before bedtime!”

Three young and tired baby raccoons

Wild Settings

1st – Bruce Turnbull (Penticton) – Bighorn sheep, “Bighorns in battle”

Two bighorn sheep rearing at each other

2nd – Wayne Danforth (Kelowna) – Grizzly bear, “Nothing like a good back scratch”

Grizzly bear enjoying a back scratch on a tree stump

3rd – Chad Berney (Kelowna) – Dolphin, “Dolphin on still water”

Dolphin swimming across calm ocean water

The winning photos will be featured in an exclusive puzzle, and the 13 photos that received the most votes will be featured in a limited-edition desktop calendar, the perfect gift for a wild animal lover. Items will be available in October and can be purchased at the BC SPCA’s online store.


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