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Every year, wildlife rehabilitators care for healthy fawns that were thought to be orphaned. It is normal for a mother deer to leave a fawn alone for periods of time. They come back only a few times a day to feed the baby, who waits quietly while hiding from predators.

If you find a fawn lying quietly, and you are worried it has been abandoned, don’t disturb it. Check on it from a distance for the next 24 hours – the mother will likely return and move the baby to a new spot.

If the fawn has not moved after 24 hours, starts to cry, is wandering aimlessly, or looks injured, contact a wildlife rehabilitator right away.

If the fawn is in an unsafe location, move it gently to a safe spot very close by so it won’t get hurt.

Print our card on what to do if you find a deer fawn (PDF).

Read more about rescuing wild animals.

deer fawn lying down on ground
This deer fawn doesn’t need help – he’s hiding quietly until mom comes back.


Photo by Tony Pace