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All adoptable animals are viewable onlineLearn what to expect when applying to adopt an animal.

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It is illegal to keep or sell a wolf as a pet in B.C. Some dogs are sold as wolf-dog hybrids for thousands of dollars, but they are really just dogs and have little to no wild wolf in them.

The BC SPCA is opposed to keeping, breeding and importing wolf-dog hybrids as pets.

Cross-breeding a wolf and dog counteracts 12,000 years of domestication. These animals are difficult to train and contain, and often show aggression toward other animals and humans.

Wolf-dogs already kept as pets should be spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, contained in secure runs or pens, and muzzled when not contained. These animals need a high level of care that is difficult to achieve, and they do not make good pets.

Read our position on wolf-dog hybrids.

Photo by John E. Marriott

yellow dog on laptopPlease see our adoptable animals for the status of an animal you may have seen.

Please note, even though this website is live and updates frequently, we cannot ensure the animal is still available for adoption when you arrive at the shelter. There is a chance the animal may have been adopted by the time you arrive, or another party might be going through the adoption process at the time.

Category: Adoption

The BC SPCA charges adoption fees to help us offset the cost of caring for the animals. Learn more about our average cost of care for cats and dogs and find out what’s included when you adopt a pet from the BC SPCA.

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Category: Adoption

The BC SPCA Drive for Lives program transfers more than 4,000 animals each year between our 44 locations in B.C. Depending on your location, and the location and status of the animal you’re interested in, we may be able to bring the animal to a shelter closer to you. Please contact your local shelter to learn more.

BC SPCA van on scenic road driving drive for lives

Category: Adoption

Every adoption is unique and the time it takes to adopt varies. Some animals can go home the same day if they are successfully matched. Visit our adoptable animals section to start your search today.

Category: Adoption

While being an animal guardian is an invaluable experience, there are certain costs associated with adopting your pet. The adoption fee that we charge helps to cover our cost of caring for animals, while we find them loving homes.

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Adoption fees vary by animal and by  branch. For specific fees in your region, check with your local branch or learn more about what’s included in your adoption fee.

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Category: Adoption

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