​Prevent wildlife problems at home
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​How can I get rid of wildlife or keep them away?

The best solution for urban wildlife is to prevent a problem before it starts. Make sure you’re not accidentally giving them food (like pet food, bird seed, fruit trees, fish ponds) or shelter. Make sure your garbage and compost is in wildlife-proof containers. Seal gaps or holes in sheds, crawl spaces, attics and porches before they become a comfy den.

If the animal has already moved in, encourage them to move along using mild deterrent techniques. You may also need professional help to evict them safely and humanely – call an AnimalKind company to help you with wildlife in your home.

Any company can call themselves “humane”, but AnimalKind companies follow the BC SPCA’s standards (PDF) and have to pass an audit to become accredited.

For species-specific information, read our documents for best practices on wildlife control.

Photo by Liron Gertsman

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