​What can I do with an old fur coat?
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​What can I do with an old fur coat?

The BC SPCA is frequently contacted from people wishing to donate their fur coats to the BC SPCA Wild ARC, and this has been so successful over the last few years that we now have an overabundance of furs!

If you have an old fur coat and your local wildlife rehabilitation centre cannot take it, please consider donating it to be sent up north to communities living in the Arctic.

Fur is considered a necessity in this part of Canada, where temperatures can drop below zero for nine months of the year and can get as cold as -65C with the windchill. Fur and leather are also very expensive in the Arctic, so donating fur coats is a positive way to support northern communities where fur coats are upcycled and created into various types of new garments.

For more information on the furs to the Arctic program, contact: furs2thearctic@shaw.ca.