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BC SPCA Treat Week™

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens – it’s Treat Week!

Cupcake Day has expanded to an entire week of treats; how sweet is that? While celebrating Treat Week February 23 – March 3 in your community, host your event on the day that’s best for you or indulge the entire week!

Register before the  Early Bird Deadline to be eligible to win a sweet prize!

Treat animals to a sweeter life. Offer delicious goodies to friends, family, and coworkers in exchange for donations helping B.C.’s most vulnerable animals. This year it’s not just about cupcakes – treats can be cookies, brownies, macarons, pancakes, popcorn, cocktails, lattes – anything that gets your tail wagging. Treats can also be savoury – think craft  beer tasting, wine and cheese,

We’ll be posting community events on this page as they pop up, so keep checking back and help us treat animals to a sweeter life!

For any inquiries, please contact the Treat Week Team at 1.844.599.2253 or email