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As the smoke begins to clear, it fills my heart to see some of the animal evacuees in our care returning to their loving families. While these are happy days for some, for those who have lost their homes, this is only the beginning of a long journey ahead. We know that many animals are likely to be staying with us for some time as their families regroup.

During these unbelievably difficult times, the lengths people will go to for their beloved furry family members and the kind generosity of our supporters is deeply moving.

Meet Lorelee, a brave animal lover who lost her home in the devastating wildfire that swept through Squilax last week. Given less than 10 minutes to gather everything important to her, Lorelee prioritized her cat, Atticus, and her two dogs, Eve and Pixie.

Lorelee and her pets

If anybody is ever in a situation like mine, it’s just... can’t even find the words. It’s devastating. It’s stressful," says Lorelee. "I didn’t think of myself, I put my dogs and my cats needs before my own. I got their food, and I got out of there with just a few pants and shirts for myself. I made sure the girls had everything."

As Lorelee navigates through the challenges of rebuilding her life, she has, for now, entrusted the BC SPCA with Atticus, Eve and Pixie's temporary care.

In addition to the love her three girls provide Lorelee, Eve also represents a deep and irreplaceable connection to Lorelee's past.


Eve originally belonged to Lorelee's brother, who passed away tragically two years ago. Eve represents a bond that spans life and loss, connecting Lorelee to her late brother in a unique and heartwarming way.

Along with so much else, the fire destroyed any physical items Lorelee had left to remember her brother by. She is grateful for the special bond that lives on as she cares for his beloved pup.

When I phoned the SPCA, I called thinking‘Oh my god I hope they can help me, I hope they can help me. Sure enough... I was able to bring them in," says Lorelee. "From there it was like a burden lifted off of me, I wasn’t as heavy knowing they were going into the SPCA..It was the best sleep I've had since we’ve been evacuated.

Lorelee's beloved pets

While in our care, Eve, Pixie and Atticus will receive everything they need. Along with love and care from our teams, they will also be vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed during their time with us - additional supports that Lorelee shares are "a big thing for me".

In Lorelee's story you can see the hope, stability, and love that your kind generosity is providing to both animals and their guardians during this time of crisis. 

As her girls stay temporarily in the care of the BC SPCA, with your compassion by their side, Lorelee's words echo in our hearts: "Now I know they're going to be cared for and loved."

When you donate, you're not only helping animals like Lorelee's, but also providing a beacon of hope for those who have lost so much. Your generosity shines as a testament to the unwavering human-animal bond.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community.

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