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On what would have been her 102nd birthday, we’re honouring our animal-loving friend, Betty White! After her passing two years ago, Betty’s caring love for animals has motivated thousands of people to help animals in need.

We're sure you’ll agree that her legacy is just as strong today. Betty, you are a true champion for animals, and you continue to inspire us all!

Will you honour Betty’s animal-loving heart by sharing yours with animals like Tess and her puppies who need you today?

Right now, there are multiple litters of puppies in BC SPCA care, including 27 at just one animal centre. In memory of Betty’s greatness, both on and off screen, we’ve named Tess’ litter after characters from some of her most popular TV shows. Of course, there are the Golden Girls - Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche, as well as Bea, Wallace, Jackson and White! 

This adorable bunch were just five weeks old when they came into care. Tess' previous guardian was urgently taken into hospital, so a kind friend took the pregnant mom into her home temporarily until her loving human had recovered. Very sadly, Tess was left all alone in the world when her guardian unexpectedly passed away during surgery. As she prepared to bring her own babies into the world, Tess was also adjusting to life without her own special person.

Thankfully, there are animal-lovers like you in the world, and Tess’ new human family did everything they could to make her comfortable ahead of giving birth. They did a great job and eight healthy puppies were born to this super-mom, but such a large group means a lot of mess and dedicated care. It soon became too much to handle, bringing Mama Tess and her babies into BC SPCA care.

This lifeline of support is only possible thanks to compassionate people like you -  thank you for saving lives like these nine.

They are curious about the world, love to play and wrestle, and each is starting to develop their own personality. Tess has been a wonderful mom, but she’s recently been struggling with a fever and symptoms that suggest possible post-natal complications. Fortunately, she’s in the right place to get regular vet checks, urgent care and monitoring to ensure she and her wee ones can thrive. That’s all thanks to loyal friends like you.

This year there will be many animals like Tess and her puppies who rely on this caring community. In memory of our dear friend Betty White, I hope you will join many others today and make a loving gift to animals in need.

Thank you for being a friend!

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