Sweet Maya was living at the end of a tether, tied to a stack of tires, a choke chain used to control her every move. It won’t be easy for you to think of Maya’s suffering, but we hope you’ll join us in taking a moment to celebrate that her pain is over and that her NINE puppies were born into the safety and warmth of a loving foster home.

It is such a gift to know that together, we are able to save animals like Maya and her little ones. Your kindness can help this caring mom and her nine babies get the dedicated care they need.

Maya’s life has been bleak. She was surviving outside in a cold doghouse with no bedding or comfort from the winter winds. When she was found she was desperate for food and quickly took any treats she was offered. Her behaviour, the lack of a food bowl or clean water suggest she had been left like this for long periods of time, and her skinny body shows the impact.

In the small area she could reach on her tether, the ground was covered in garbage and debris, including broken glass. The large amount of feces buildup was another sad sign that Maya had been living like this for quite a while. At a time when her body was already doing so much - giving life to the nine growing babies in her belly - it’s devastating to think of how little was provided for this pregnant mom.

Like all animals who come into our care, Maya received a vet check where it was confirmed that she was heavily pregnant and significantly underweight, as well as living with a tapeworm. Despite all of this hardship, Maya still adores people. She is a sweetie with a heart of gold and so much love to give anyone who shows her kindness.

Thankfully for Maya, a loving foster came forward to provide her with a warm and comfortable environment to prepare for the birth of her babies. After just two weeks in care, she delivered nine adorable pups, including five boys and four girls. Despite Maya’s condition the pups are all healthy, with a fighting spirit just like their mom!

With loving kindness, these nine little ones were saved from a life of distress. They won’t have to suffer like their mom because you made this rescue possible.You can help this adorable group and thousands of other animals live a life free from distress.

Considering her past, it’s truly exceptional what an amazing mom Maya is. She’s put all her energies into caring for her babies and they are each thriving in their foster home. Maya is incredibly proud of her puppies and enjoys showing them off to her foster mom. This precious girl is a survivor, and her healthy little ones are a testament to that.

Since giving birth it’s become more obvious just how skinny Maya is. She’s now on a specially planned diet to help her gain weight, but it’s unlikely that will happen while she’s feeding her young litter. Once they are weaned, her weight gain will be the primary focus before she is ready to find a loving, forever home.

There’s a lot to learn from this super mom. Despite the suffering she has lived through, she’s determined to give her young pups the best start in life. With love like yours beside her, Maya and her puppies have so much to look forward to. Please help them get the dedicated care they deserve on their path to a brighter future.

Your caring love makes rescues happen. Today you’ve saved 10 precious lives.

*in the extraordinary situation where funds raised go above and beyond the needs of these dogs, your loving gift will help the next animal in need

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