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Wolfgang and Gloria Gobel

To Wolfgang & Gloria Gobel, their cats were always more than just pets; they were family. They always had at least two and never more than three as one would have felt lonely and more than three would be unfair as they would not be able to care for each as they believed they should.

Wolfgang always had a tenderness when it came to animals that they immediately sensed. Once, a close friend of the family had a dog that was very sick and needed to take an oral medication. The dog’s owners unable to medicate their pet, so they called their friend. They had oft times heard him talk about how he had helped the animals on the farm in Germany where he grew up. He gladly came over and within minutes had somehow calmed the animal down and gently administered the medication. Although Wolfgang lacked the formal training as a veterinarian and how to handle animals, they always seemed to know that he had their best interest at heart. Often strays would simply follow him home, somehow knowing that he could help them. They lived on a meager budget but would oft-times spent hundreds of dollars without a second thought to ensure their cats were healthy and free from pain.

Gloria was not a “cat person” at first but after being convinced by her husband to adopt one, she embraced the feline species whole-heartedly. Many times, she would hand-feed her cats and treat them as if they could understand her every word. In return, they would lovingly follow her around the house waiting for her to sit down so they could stay close by. When she was down, they would come to console her. When they were sick, she would nurse them from ailments as if a child. Near the end of her life, she was devastated when she lost both her own precious cat, her husband, and then her husband’s cat. After a time of mourning, she decided to move on and adopt yet another cat from the local BC SPCA shelter. Her last days were filled with ensuring that her latest adoptee would be well cared for.

Both Wolfgang and Gloria strongly believed that humans are to be the caretakers of all the animals we come in contact with. They commended the BC SPCA for their work in ensuring that animals are not mistreated and that they are dealt with love and care. It is with great pride that they continue to support the BC SPCA posthumously.