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Isobel Adams (nee Tierny)

Isobel Woodburn Adams (nee Tierney) was born in Vancouver in 1915, and lived in Vancouver for all her life. Throughout her childhood and adult life, Isobel had pets and always showed a special fondness for animals. She worked as a secretary in the Unemployment Insurance Commission until 1951, when she married and was soon kept busy raising her only child, Stephen. Isobel passed on her love of animals to Stephen, who grew up with many pets, and cared for her cats Mandy and Katie when she moved into a nursing home. Fortunately, Stephen was able to bring his mother home on frequent visits, and she always looked forward to seeing her cats.

Isobel was a generous person and was a member of PEO Sisterhood, which promotes educational opportunities for women. Unsurprisingly, her generosity extended to helping animals and she included the BC SPCA and other animal refuge agencies in her final plans.

Isobel passed away at the age of 93 in January 2009 and is much missed by her family and friends, both two- and four-legged.