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Eveline Aynsley

Eveline Aynsley dedicated many years of her life to helping animals. She was instrumental in securing the two acres of land where the shelter is currently located. She was the volunteer manager of the Kelowna SPCA for fifteen years. And she was an active supporter of the ethical treatment of animals. Sadly, Eveline passed away in October of 2006. But she has left the animals a significant gift that will have a direct and lasting impact on the Kelowna SPCA for years to come.

Eveline left a bequest to establish a fund with the Central Okanagan Foundation entitled the “Eveline Aynsley Endowment Fund for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”. The income from this fund will be distributed on an annual basis to the Kelowna branch of the BC SPCA.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Eveline Aynsley Endowment Fund is free to do so at any time and in any amount. Each contribution allows the fund to grow and the annual distribution to the Kelowna branch to grow as well. If you are interested in establishing your own named endowment fund please contact the BC SPCA Provincial Office for more information at 1-800-665-1868.

Thank you Eveline, for your incredible dedication, passion and commitment to the animals. We are deeply grateful for the gift of your endowment.