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Alan McLean Jupp

Born January 2, 1924, Al lived in Victoria BC until joining the Royal Canadian Air Force at 18 in 1942. His love of aircraft and flying led him to a long career as a commercial pilot flying for Canadian Pacific Airlines. Captain Jupp retired in 1984 after 32 years of service.

A solitary man with a deep passion for fine craftsmanship, Al was a Master Craftsman of extraordinary talent. From his model aircraft building, to his house and a cabin on Sakinaw Lake, Al was admired for the perfection of his workmanship.

In his later years he turned his passion to care for cats. His many “kitties” had a very comfortable and carefree life. Even when building one of his many model planes or his own two-seater aircraft, he always had a comfy spot or two for his furry friends to keep him company. He not only cared for his many cats, but also the neighborhood raccoons, squirrels and ducks.

Al gave generously to many animal charities during his lifetime and left a legacy for the BC SPCA so that all the animals he loved in his life would be cared for after his passing. Al’s bequest went towards providing food, shelter and medical care for the animals in the Lower Mainland.

Al Jupp passed away peacefully in the company of his cats, on February 2, 2008. His unassuming and happy ways will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him.