Bring Comfort and Joy to animals this holiday season

Breaking news: charges approved.

If you haven’t already heard, charges have now been approved in the case of Cedric, the emaciated boxer who came into BC SPCA care earlier this year.

Amy Hui-Yu Lin and Glenn Mislang each face charges under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act after their young boxer came into the care of the Vancouver SPCA suffering from extreme malnutrition and other serious medical issues. The dog had a body condition score of only one out of nine, was covered in pressure sores and had to have surgery to remove a deflated football from his stomach.

Following several months of intensive care Cedric made a full recovery and was been adopted into a loving family. In May 2018, he was presented with an Animal Courage Award at the BC SPCA’s annual awards program in recognition of his resilience in the face of suffering.

Thankfully, kind-hearted friends like you were there to help rescue Cedric.

Now that charges have been approved, justice for Cedric is in the hands of the courts. But we don’t stop. We can’t stop! We’ll carry on.

For all the animals who are relying on us to save them, just as Cedric was saved. 

Even now, the phones are ringing, another Good Samaritan calling to report cruelty — a new case to investigate.

You can help us answer those calls with your special gift.

Did you know that BC SPCA cruelty investigations are fully funded by generous friends like you? Together, we can save more animals from cruelty. And, help bring their animal abusers to justice.

Please, make your gift today!

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