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While raising a kitten definitely has its appeal, adopting a senior cat has plenty of benefits.

Senior cats have already developed their personality, so it is easier for an adopter to find a cat that matches their personality and lifestyle. They also know how to use scratching posts, are litter box trained and are usually more calm and less mischievous than kittens, who require a lot more of supervision and interaction.

Senior cats also undoubtedly appreciate when a new guardian opens their home and their heart.

In February 2012, Julie came across an online post with Buttercup’s photo. Immediately, she felt a bond with this sweet eight-year-old tabby. Not long afterwards, Julie went to visit the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Branch and brought Buttercup home.

Now, Buttercup is in her golden years, and Julie has written to us about their past seven years together:

I saw Buttercup’s picture and profile online and fell in love with her instantly.

She was the first cat I have ever adopted. I think we both knew right away that we were meant to be family. When we first met, Buttercup came right over, rubbed up against me and gave me head boops.

Buttercup has had some health issues over the years. She is now asthmatic and requires an inhaler twice a day, and she is down to only having a few teeth left, but for a 15-and-a-half-year-old girl, she is thriving.

Buttercup doesn’t like to be picked up but will indulge me for a short time. She does love to lick my face and “make biscuits” on me—this is her “good morning” and “good night” routine.

I don’t know how she spent the first eight years of her life, but after being at the shelter for six months, Buttercup officially came home. We rescued each other.

She has such a cute personality. She is very relaxed but also really knows what she does and does not like.

Thank you to the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Branch for taking such great care of Buttercup while she was there and for entrusting her into my care.

Thank you, Julie, for adopting Buttercup and for choosing to adopt a senior pet as your first option! There are always plenty of senior cats in our care waiting for their retirement homes. We are so happy to know that Buttercup found her forever home with you, Julie. She knows it was worth the wait.

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