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Among the many wonders of cats is how sensitive they are. In order to provide them with a most fulfilling life, we pay careful attention to their individual needs.

Many times, our feline friends may show an entirely different side of their personality in the shelter before they are adopted.

When Paul met Sora at the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in July 2019, she appeared very outgoing. However, once he brought her back home, Sora was intimidated by her new surroundings , so she hid.

It has now been six months and Paul has shared an update with us on how he and his family have made Sora feel at home:

Sora is the second cat we have adopted from the BC SPCA. First, we adopted Choco from the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch. We spent 14 loving years with her.

When Choco passed, we mourned for several months. However, we knew that eventually we’d adopt another rescue cat.

Last summer, we found Binky at the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch. It was love at first sight. We decided to name her Sora, Japanese for “sky”.

Sora had appeared friendly in the shelter, but once we got her home she was terrified. We put her in a room by herself to acclimatize to her new environment—the laundry room.

When we went to check on her a few hours later, she was gone! How could she escape a small closed room?

Then we saw her. Sora had hidden inside the washing machine. After that, she hid under my desk for several days, and then behind a buffet in the dining room. She only came out at night to eat and use her litter box.

We discovered that a feather on a string was an irresistible temptation, and Sora soon came out of her shell. She now demands multiple play sessions every day.

Sora has become a total love bug. She enjoys sitting on our laps, holding our hands and “tenting” in bed.

Love, patience and building trust have proved to be the foundation of a wonderful relationship.

Thank you to you and your family, Paul, for being such an amazing support for BC SPCA felines. We sincerely thank you for choosing adoption as your first option. We admire all the effort and patience you have spent making Sora feel so comfortable and loved in her forever home. Sora is happy to have you.

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