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Bradley and Jake

Adopted December 8, 2003 from

In 2005, a lifelong friendship began between a young dog named Bradley and a kitten named Jake. It was to be a friendship that weathered injury and illness and more than one close call. Bradley and Jake were allowed this special bond because they shared a forever home with one very special family, who committed …


Adopted December 7, 2020 from

Adorable Eva came too close to becoming a sad statistic in our province’s cat overpopulation problem. Born to a feral mom in Northern British Columbia, she was one of eight kittens in her litter and likely one of hundreds of felines struggling to survive in her own locale. Thanks to the action of a concerned …


Adopted May 8, 2018 from

Even if our animals are only in our lives for a short while, to them, we are their whole lives. When Jennifer adopted Martin the rat from the BC SPCA Surrey Education & Adoption Centre in May 2018, she instantly fell in love with his larger-than-life personality. Martin certainly made the most out of his …


Adopted August 18, 2020 from

Love and faith came to the rescue of four-year-old Terrier cross, Maxwell on August 18, 2020. But when he was surrendered to the BC SPCA Kamloops & District Branch, he needed a lot of support before he was even suitable to meet potential adopters. From July 27, 2020, Maxwell underwent almost a month of dental …


Adopted June 18, 2020 from

Through our passion of rescuing animals in need, it is important for us to acknowledge that sometimes these animals save their humans as well. Jennifer was always accustomed to having animals throughout her life. So, it was a very difficult transition when she moved away from them to an apartment in a new country. Handling …


Adopted October 10, 2017 from

When we adopt a new animal companion into our lives, we want to make them feel a part of the family, but sometimes it takes time to learn the needs and personality of your new pet. For Robert and his family, this was certainly the case when they adopted Hank, a blue tick coonhound, from …


Adopted October 9, 2017 from ,

At a year and a half old, Willy’s life changed when a natural disaster struck the area where he lived & his owner was no longer able to care for him. He spent some time with a local rescue organization in Bella Coola before being transferred to the BC SPCA Williams Lake & District Branch …


Adopted May 14, 2020 from

If there was ever a story that shows how important it is to find the right match, the story of Harley is it. This big, sweet, exuberant boxer-American bulldog mix lived in two homes before he found the one that fit him. Harley had started his life on an acreage, then moved inside a small …


Adopted November 28, 2015 from

Indy first came into our care as a kitten back in 2008. He was adopted out for several years before he returned to us at the BC SCPCA Powell River & District Branch in the autumn of 2015. Being back in a shelter can be very stressful for cats. However, we knew that a dedicated …