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While there are so many amazing reasons for adopting a senior dog, they continue to inspire us in countless ways.

When Mika, the 14-year-old Beagle, came into our care as a stray in the summer of 2020, she was so friendly and laid back. However, her imminent need for weight loss was evident.

We needed to match her with a guardian who would be committed to helping get Mika to a healthy weight.

Fortunately, Charmaine and Max came along to the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Community Animal Centre the following month, in search of their first dog.

After seeing Mika’s profile online, they felt the urge to meet her in person. Naturally, they couldn’t resist Mika’s charming personality, or her beauty. It wasn’t long before they adopted the senior sweetheart.

A year and a half on, Charmaine has shared their story with us:

“My husband, Max, and I had been searching for the perfect dog to add to our family when we came across Mika’s profile. We saw those big floppy ears and immediately fell in love.

When we first adopted her, she weighed 17 kilograms. We knew she needed to lose that extra weight, especially being a senior pup. After lots of walking and fewer treats (much to her dismay), Mika reached her target weight of 12 kilograms.

Now, she loves to run around the yard and has major zoomies after a bath. Despite being 15 years old, Mika often gets mistaken for a puppy—even our vet was surprised!

Mika is a bit of a sassy princess, but we can never be mad when she snuggles up to us and rests her head on our laps. One of her favourite activities is stealing all the blankets around the house—even the ones that are currently in use and covering us.

We are so glad that Mika is spending her golden years with us. Our advice to others looking to adopt is to not overlook senior pets. Many people prefer younger puppies, or are hesitant to welcome an older dog into their home.

The truth is that older dogs are often easier to take care of because they’re generally already house-trained and have less exercise needs. They’re also perfect for first-time dog owners like Max and me. By keeping an open mind, you might be able to provide an amazing retirement for a dog who has so much love to give.”

Thank you, Charmaine and Max, for adopting Mika and for providing her with the retirement home of her dreams. We are thrilled to hear of her weight loss in the time she has spent with you. Thank you for your commitment to helping her lead a healthy life in her senior years. It sounds like Mika equally adores her guardians. We wish you many more happy memories to be made together.

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