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Marge and Freda

Sometimes stray animals come into our care as a package deal. This was the case for Marge and Freda when they were found wandering down the street together in February 2016.

Marge and Freda were brought to the BC SPCA Shuswap Branch  and we soon learned that these two were inseparable.

Marge, a senior chocolate Labrador Retriever, and her partner in crime Freda, a younger mixed Labrador, loved to go on walks and sunbathe together. There was no doubt that they needed to be adopted together.

After a couple of months, Christine and her family came across this canine duo and welcomed them into their home. Two years later, we have received this update from them:

Adopting these two has been awesome.

They weren’t well potty trained, but we are getting there. It turned out that Freda was almost completely deaf and Marge isn’t as hungry now as she used to be.

In the early days, Marge ate a bag of six bagels that we had left on the counter. She seized the opportunity and, well, we don’t leave bags of bagels out anymore! She is also older than we originally thought.

We think they are comfortable now in their home with us. One thing we were looking for, and we found in Marge and Freda, was an older bonded pair.

They are always together. Freda is quite the ’fraidy cat. She can only now go outside for a little while without Marge—and we have a small patio. Freda has trouble hearing gentle tones, so we are trying to adjust our sign language to help her.

They are our babies and we love them. Thank you for keeping them together so that we could have both of them.

Thank you for opening your hearts to these sweet girls and for choosing to adopt them together.

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