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When Amanda met Maizee at the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Community Animal Centre back in August 2013, she felt in her heart that Maizee was meant to be a part of her life.

Just eight weeks old at the time, Maizee was in need of a guardian with a lot of patience, time and commitment to help her grow up into the best dog she could be.

They may have had some challenges along the way, but Amanda and Maizee’s connection is like no other. Amanda has written to us with their story:

Maizee is my sassy, smart and stubborn Shepherd mix. I adopted her when she was about eight weeks old. She stole my heart instantly.

Maizee was my first dog. With this, she has taught me so much about patience, love and trust. I pushed myself to learn a lot about dog behaviour because of her in order to help her through anxiety and reactivity she faced as a teen.

Now, we’re nearing Maizee’s eighth birthday. She is thriving and she now has a fun, annoying little brother she loves dearly.

She is a dog who is really in tune with the feelings of those around her. She will comfort anyone she senses is sad and will nudge their hands away from their face to cheer them up. She will also rest her head on my chest when she’s hungry, telling me to hurry up!

Maizee is full of personality and steals the hearts of anyone she meets just as she did mine so many years ago.

Thank you, Amanda, for choosing adoption as your first option. We are thrilled to see how far Maizee has come and how she has grown up over the last several years. Maizee sounds like an absolute sweetheart and a wonderful companion. We love to hear about the relationship you have built together.

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