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When we adopt a kitten, it’s important to remember that we will be responsible for entertaining them and playing with them; although, kittens also tend to provide us with endless entertainment in return!

This is certainly the case for Janet and Doug with their young cat Lucy. Just a couple of months old when they adopted her from the BC SPCA Nanaimo & District Branch in March 2019, Lucy has grown into a young adult cat with boundless antics.

A year later, Janet has shared an update on how much they love having Lucy in their lives:

We have had this hilariously funny girl for a year now. We hadn’t had a cat in 10 years except the feral cats we feed outside. We have had many doggies.

Lucy leaves us in stitches on a daily basis. She loves to be around all the dogs. She breaks into their dog room when they go to bed so she can join them.

Lucy makes sure that everything is done on her terms only—she is so funny that way. She loves getting love, especially with her mummy. Lucy doesn’t allow her mummy to go to sleep until she gets her loving first.

She has no interest in going outside and will remain an inside-only cat.

Lucy is a very happy cat. She is such a joy and we are so thankful she is in our lives.

Janet, we are thankful to you and Doug for choosing adoption as your first option. Thank you for giving Lucy a home where she can truly be her fun-loving self. We wish you many more years of entertainment and laughter with your special girl.

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