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Sometimes it’s not about giving our beloved animals a second chance at life—it’s about giving them a third chance (or even more).

When Kelsey was first surrendered to the BC SPCA Victoria Branch in 2014, he found owners shortly afterwards who kept him for three years. However, after urinating in places around the house he shouldn’t have, his owners decided to bring him back to us.

We knew that Kelsey was just a sweetheart looking for his real forever home. So, we took him to get the medical attention he needed to address his inappropriate urination issue.

At nine years old, Kelsey didn’t let his senior age make him any less appealing to new potential adopters.

He soon caught the eye of Marnie, who now wants to share this update:

I adopted Kelsey in October 2017, and I absolutely adore him. He is a silly, fun, cuddly, compassionate cat. We just love each other’s company. I’m so happy and grateful that he came into my life. Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt this amazing boy. I love him so much!

Thank you for choosing to adopt a loving senior feline, and for giving Kelsey his third chance at life.

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