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In September 2020, Animal Control seized Hecate from a neglectful situation in Prince George.

Understandably, Hecate absolutely did not trust humans at this point. We were unsure if socializing her would be successful.

Trusting the process, we transferred her to the BC SPCA Tri-Cities Education & Adoption Centre, hoping she would find the right family there.

Three months later in December, Andrea and her partner fell in love with Hecate. They knew adopting her would be a challenge, but they were ready and willing to put in the work to build up Hecate’s trust.

Now, just a couple months on, Andrea has written to us with an update on how Hecate is settling in:

Hecate came to us as an extremely anxious kitty. She loved being pet but didn’t like being out in the open with us right away.

We remained patient with her and provided her own space and special covered areas she could hide in around our home to help her feel safe.

After only a couple weeks, Hecate started coming out to play with us every evening. Sometimes we would need to coax her out with toys or treats, but once she was out she would stay out. She’d play all evening until morning came and it was time to hide again.

We remained patient with Hecate. We rewarded her with special treats and attention when she welcomed it and continued to give her the space she needed while making her aware that she was safe around us.

Hecate really broke out of her shell about five weeks post adoption. She started coming out during the day and spending time near us and our other cat, Marshmallow.

She now snuggles with us at night when we’re sleeping and approaches us as soon as we wake up for pets. Every morning, she reminds us when her breakfast should be served. We love having her in a daily routine with us.

Hecate’s favourite spots now include the large window ledges, the high perch of the cat tree, a very specific spot on the couch and the kitchen when it sounds like food is being prepared.

She loves belly rubs, rolling around on her back for attention, cuddling close to her humans, and chirping or meowing at us whether we are awake or asleep.

She also loves playing with her mouse toys, chasing the laser pen and fetching toys that we throw down the hall for her to chase.

Hecate is co-habiting well with her new cat friend Marshmallow, our 14-year-old blind cat. She has even inspired Marshmallow to play more, which is amazing to see. We look forward to future cat cuddles between these two. We just know they will become close friends in due time.

We adore Hecate. This lovely kitty has the most amazing eyes and beautiful coat. We feel like we have really started building a bond with her. We are so happy to see her transform from a nervous kitty into the hilarious personality she is now.

It has been a very rewarding experience. We enjoy having her as part of our family so very much!

Thank you, Andrea, to you both and Marshmallow for adopting Hecate and providing her with such a supportive home. After her first few fearful weeks, it sounds like Hecate has truly thrived and flourished under your loving and patient care. We’re so grateful that Hecate has been given a second chance at life and found her forever home with you.

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